Large Daruma Doll Piggy Bank Red

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Discover the artistry of our ceramic statue, the Daruma Doll, where intricate details and thoughtful design merge seamlessly. Crafted with precision and care, this ceramic masterpiece captures the essence of the Daruma Doll's symbolic significance. Every curve and line of this statue showcases the meticulous attention to details, reflecting the dedication of our craftsmen to preserving the authenticity of this ancient tradition. The harmonious blend of form and function in the design ensures that this ceramic statue not only stands as a decorative piece but also serves as a representation of resilience, determination, and good luck. Embrace the spirit of the Daruma Doll in your space and let its presence inspire you towards unwavering focus and the pursuit of your goals.

  • Size: 8.6"(L) x 8.6"(W) x 9.6"(H)